Introduction by
James K. Williamson
Honorary Chairman of
Balfour UK Int’l Division

Since the 1960s, the British Balfour Group has developed shipping and trading activities in Africa, Central America, Brazil and Argentina.

The new millennium brought several changes in the economic and political world and these ‘realities’ prompted Balfour to grant greater autonomy to its subsidiaries.

Mergers between former Balfour subsidiaries and local companies have created new companies which, although independent entities, continue to maintain a good relationship with the UK.

Years 1960 Break Bulk
cargoes from Europe

to Anericas and Africa

Since the early 2000s, the focus has shifted towards Eastern European countries.

Geopolitical changes have increased the trade potential in these areas and the volume of traffic related to manufacturing industries have increased exponentially

Containers vessels

Ro-Ro / Car Carrier

The Group’s ‘core business’ focuses on the transportation of second-hand machine tools, heavy industry presses, automotive and project cargo ;  so it has been a ‘must’ to extend Balfour’s presence in that area. To decide which was the best ‘gateway’, the management has consulted some qualified ‘advisors’ who, following a ‘sector study’, indicated Bulgaria as the right one.

In a few lines, I have recalled the history of the Balfour Group ; now we have to move forward.
Balfour’s “staff” is ready to offer the best possible assistance and cooperation you could ask for.

Yours sincerely,
James K. Williamson